Thursday, May 22, 2008

A sad and bad ending to a drab season

The champions league final wrapped up a drab and bad season of football in europe . Yes the italian cup final between inter and roma is still there, but the champions league final is considered to be the pinnacle of european football glory. The slippery and bad pitch, incessant rain, and the drama in penalties summed up a drench nite in moscow. Manchester United won in penalties, but honestly, manchester united won by luck. Chelsea should have won the trophy, and they are the deserved winner of champions league this season.

Generally artistic football win over long ball sky high soccer. Thats why this is the 1st time in 53 years history of champions league that two english teams are playing in the final. Overall it was a bad match, and a horrible pitch did not help either.
Hope from next year onwards Uefa do not make such mess of such a big event.

Several time during the match both the teams were involved in minor brawl. Alex ferguson tried to intemedate the referee when coming out of the tunnel before the 2nd half. Drogba was shown red cad in a scape-goat manner at the end of a lot of pushing started by tevez. The whole united team was unsporting enough not to console their opponents after penalty shoot-out. Only Scholes did that, not joining the celebration by their team mates.
Chelsea was so near the trophy. Terry slipped and the shot hit the bar, and went out. I truely dont think finals should be decided this way. They should start thinking of announcing joint winners, or make the final double leg. 
I hope Chelsea will come back and win this trophy many more time in the future. More importantly, i hope the long ball soccer teams should lose, and artistic soccer should prevail. A busy sumer ahead as lot of teams are in rebuilding process. AC Milan, InterMilan, Barcelona, Arsenal, Chelsea will be really busy during next two months. After the euro2008, clubs will sort out their starting line ups and bench strengths, and as they say, there is always a next season. I hope the next season will be a season to remember.

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