Thursday, May 22, 2008

Movie Snippet 1

Here I will discuss briefly about some of the movies I have seen in recent past. 1st in the line is Amadeus. The film has been made based on the life of legendary Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart music is appalling and revolution in the late middle age of europe. Austria, Germany and most of the central europe was at the brink of a turmoil and excitement-ridden journey at that time, and Mozart's music has strengthened the understanding of human about human feelings at that time. The operas were a medium of sending strong social message, and mozart used that medium perfectly. But the movie disappointed me as a whole. The vast magnitude, the loudness , the drama was there. Yet the classic was missing. The true Mozart was missing from the movie. The director failed to create an environment of purpose for his music. Indeed the movie got oscar, but it failed to portray the joy of music, the beauty of concertos, the troubled musicians life, in the movie. I would give it a 3 out of 5.

Next in the line is Mrigaya by Mrinal sen. It is the debut film of Mithun Chakrabarty and Mamata Shankar. The story may be a simple age-old one, but it has been executed beautifully by the director and actors. The saontal tribes and their crops are always troubled by the animals from the forest close to a village. But animals dont have shrewd brains to do the judgement. They cannot understand that due to their act, someone else in this world is getting hurt or getting deprived of their belongings. Human can understand that. Sometimes some human being gets too greedy and understanding this fact fully well they attack poor saontals, or poor villagers, to satisfy their greed. The saontal villagers attack the animals from the forest to keep them away from the crops, they hunt those wild animals. But sometime hunting of these human-faced animals are also needed. This story is all about hunting the real animals in the society. Mithun showed in his 1st movie how big an actor he is. It is sometimes really difficult to execute simple roles , low profile roles. Because there one actor eally has
 to improvise him or her, cause every day he/she does not live that life. Portraying the life of a poor villager is always a challenge, and the actors/actresses acting on these roles in "Mrigaya" came out flying colors.
I give 4.5 out of 5 for this movie. Mithun Chakrabarty got best actor award for this film, and this film was accepted in Moscow film festival.

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