Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dada'r kirti

The heading is one of an emotional dramatic well-made bengali movie, which has been used here as a catch phrase to recognise our cricketing dada Sourav Ganguly's contribution in recently concluded India vs SouthAfrica series. India have drawn the series 1-1, coming back strongly in Kanpur to win the 3rd and final test by 8 wickets after losing the 2nd test by innings and 90 runs. The 1st test was a run fest where shewag scored a triple century, and the test match yielded almost 1500 runs with loss of 25 wkts over 5 days. The pitch at ahmedabad was lively and india lost the match by getting bowled out within 20 overs for 76 in the 1st day morning. South Africa scored 494/7 in the same pitch, and though dada and dhoni tried their best to avoid innings defeat, south africa won easily by innings and 90 runs. Dada played good solid strokes through offside, punished Paul Harris , the lone south african spinner, handsomely, used his feet to great extent. And in the 3rd test at Kanpur, when the pitch was unpredictable at its best, dada produced one gem of an innings, an innings to remember for long time. The upper part of the pitch was disintegrated, the dusts were coming out, the bounce was unpredictable. South Africa were bowled out for 265 in the 1st day, from 152-1. India were 110/3 and dravid was out in a jumping delivery when dada walked out. And what followed was termed as the "asset innings for playing on spinning track" by south african coach micky arthur. Dada played with lot of positiveness and agression, did not try to just defend. He cut and drove whenever he got opportunities on the off side, and his pulls and jabs down the on side was also there. When he finally got out in the fag end of 2nd day for 87 trying to force the pace, India was safely placed at 279, taking lead over south african total.
He not only earned the man of the match for the innings, but earned heap of praise for such skillfulll batting on a detoriating pitch. Still, there are so many critics and non-crickety jealous people who cannot stand Sourav Ganguly..!! But he enjoys that, more people will hurl abuses, his steel strong determination will be more stronger..and the bat will do the talking..

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Book Review: The Kite Runner

"For you, a thousand times over".

Thats the phrase that caught my mind after I read the book "Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini. Unfortunately thats probably the only thing that I m going to remember from the book. The book starts with the childhood stories of a rich but lonely , devoid of parental attention,child, and his camaraderie with the son of their servant. Initial part of the bok speaks well about the mid-60 early 70s Kabul, Afghanistan, the traditions, the winters, the small little smells and details that will help you to fall in love with a place you havenot seen. It speaks about the loyalty of the servant's son, Hassan to his malik's son, Amir. But slowly as the story progresses, it more or less turns out to be a series of melodramatic events.

Author tries to provide a picture depicting the rise and fall of Afghanistan, but in the end it turned out to be a story of Amir's own life, how he escaped from Afghanistan and settled in America. One important aspect that was never highlighted enough in the book is the civil war in 90s in Afghanistan, where pashthuns and hazara's fought each other. That was the backdrop of the story, starting from the early days, it was pashthuns vs hazara's.Emotions are good, but you need to put emotions in rihht place. Just sketching dreams, past moments, creating a hollow surrealistic feeling does not create a great literary piece. Thats what I felt happened with this book. There are lot of places in the book where the author tried to create sympathy by showing the ugly face of life. He has drawn lot of blood shedding, and in the process marred the main objective of the story he started with. Hassan's character is a strong character, but thats the only character that stands out in the book, thats the only character that you ponder upon after finishing the book. The book do inflict a blurred image of Afganistan, the good and bad one, in your mind, but I think it fails to blend that image in your mind alongside with the characters. I believe it fails to do justice to the title of the book as well. The initial part of the book was sound, but as soon as the part with soviet attack on Afghanistan starts, the plot is lost somewhere in between reality description and story telling. I would give this book 6/10.