Monday, November 10, 2008

Maharaja...tomare selaam

I met Sourav Ganguly in St Xaviers college , Calcutta for the 1st time in person, 1993. We actually played a college match together. He was already an Indian player by that time, toured Australia in 1992.

Then we watched the painful 4 years when he was outside the team, and I remember he was frustrated in college campus, after he was not picked against England home series in 1993. He was in good form then. Then came 1996 Lords, and the rest was history. I remember the procession and the crowd that flooded the street of behala (my house is only minutes away from his), on the day he returned from England after that tour.
Then, the graph is always upward, sahara cup, indian captaincy, eradicating the match fixers, winning the natwest, and champions trophy in 2002, world cup final, winning against australia in 2001, winning against pakistan in 2003-04, comeback in 2006, a great run of 2 years in test and ODIs.Its been a marvellous career, and we are so proud and fortunate that Sourav Ganguly was our captain, is our captain, and we are fortunate to be eye-witnesses of the era when cricket in India has been changed by Ganguly. Its always sad when a player goes, cause so much memories of daily life is linked with cricket .

I skiped a tution to watch dada scored 124 against pakistan in dhaka at 1998, ..I was having my 1st exam in US when dada scored that enormous century against south africa in 2001 tri-series, I was in my friends home when the famous natwest shirt waving came..these little things are coming to the memory today. The famous step out sixes, the silky cover drive, the jab on the leg side, the pull shot that he mastered over the years, will be no more to be seen. The memories, the images, the aggressiveness, the mental strentgh, will be always in our hearts. We are proud that we share the same oxygen and earth space with sourav ganguly.

As Satyajit Roy's movie gupee-gayne-bagha-baine said in a song.."Maharajaaaaa..tomare selaam".

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Euro 2008: and the winner is.."Joga Bonito"

Austria and Switzerland succesfully hosted the european nations championship of 2008. This quadrennial tournament is considered to be the biggest football tournament on earth after the world cup. The pundits consider it the toughest tournament to win.
This year tournament was organised by two weak teams, austria and switzerland. Austria is currently ranked 92 in the world, and easily went out scoring only 1 goal in the tournament through a disputed penalty. Swiss fought hard, was unlucky to lose their 1st two matches, and salvaged some pride in the end by defeating portugal in the last group game. Portugal was one of the pre-tournament favorites, and many considered they will win it. Certainly they had the talent to do so.
But Christiano Rnaldo played one good match against Czech, nothing more. Scolari was named as Chelsea coach in the middle of the tournament, and I guess the whole Portugal squad lost their focus. Still they should have defeated Germany in the quarter-final.

Germany basically escaped through to the final. They lost to Croatia, then barely managed to beat a weak Austria, then their 3-2 wins over both Portugal and Turkey was lucky. They were playing against almost the second team of the Turkey , and still had to win by last minute goal showing unsportsman like conduct. Anyway, this article is not about Germans, this article is about Joga Bonito.
Yes, 3 teams in this tournament played good beautiful football, Spain, Russia and Holland. But Spain played complete joga bonito. But lets talk about Holland and Russia first. Holland started the tournament with blast, defeating Italy by 3-0 and Franc by 4-1. People were really going berserk about dutch footbal by that time. I felt dutch peaked too early, and they won against two aging side who couldnt match their speed o counter attacks. 5 of the 7 goals in the 1st two matches came in counter attacks. Against Romania they rested 9 of their first XI, and that definitely disturbed their momentum going into the quarterfinal against Russia. Russia lost to spain 1-4 in the 1st match, and never looked back till they faced the same opponents in
semifinal. They beat Greece 1-0 and Sweden 2-0 to meet Holland in the quarterfinal. The speed and artistry of Arshavin, and the finishing of Pavulychenko stunned the overconfident dutch. Russia won 3-1 and Holland again failed in the big stage.
Spain is another team which has a reputation of failing in the big stage. Their last and only victory in a major tournament came in 1964 euro, 44 years ago. This Spain team has too much talent, every position is overflowing with talented players. The marvelous ball player xavi, the little David Silva, the silken touch Iniesta, the guttsy Puyol, the opportunism personified Villa and Torres. And there is Casillas, Iker Cassilas, captain of spain, last line of defense
and victor of many intense battle. It is very seldom that a team which plays good beautiful footbal finally wins the tournament.
Examples are aplenty, but just go back to 2006 world cup. Argentina was playing heaven like football, there touches, passes and stunning finishing won every one's heart. Only cruel Germany and Slovakian referee didnt allow them to win.
This time Spain made sure that the beautiful game is still alive and winning. Xavi and Iniesta worked like painting on canvas. Their perfect passing football combined with david silva provided ample opportunities for Villa and Torres upfront. Spain was undefeated in the whole tournament, and did not concede a single goal in the knockout stages of the tournament.
They defeated Russia twice 3-0 and 4-1, and brought Germany to school level in the final. They should have scored at least 3-4 more goals in the final.
Spain needed this trophy badly, as they ended their drought of 44 years. This is a new golden generation of Spanish football which promises much more silverware in the near future.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

nai ba tahar ortho hok, nai ba bujhuk bebak lok

amra khabo dabo kolkolabo
pushbo internet
amra ratri jege chhobi dekhbo
gurgur tolpet.

amra na hoy chhotto pola
chengis dari chai..
tomra je hao dhere khoka,
poro joy gosai.

boma felche piyong-iyong
anonde nachi tai..
are saddam khuro gelo naki
dekhto uthe bhai!

amader nei ichhe-dana
kemne uri bol,
taito mora che(n)chai jore..
diego dile gol.

amader ache anek sentu,
jhuli bhora byang..
thanda ghore bose chiboi
jholsa murgi-thyang.

amra beer kheye bhuri bagai
sange diet coke,
tulche potol gorib-gurbo..
kiser rashtro-shok?

sada dekhle sursur kore
jibher doga lyaj,
buke amra ghuri pore
swadhinotar badge.

oi je boli mon-ta moder
boroi hahakar,
zidan kore paglami ar
amra hoi jerbaar.

naachte neme oma dekhi
uthon geche be(n)ke,
chappal hate gonga foring
tabuo jay deke.

amra halla rajay selam thuki
shundi kori joy..
aamra jiban niye kheli jua
sudhu bhagobanei bhoy!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Indian Premier League : "old order changeth yielding place to new"

The hype was enormous, the distraction caused by it allowed players to forget their national pride. Finally when it arrived, it swept a nation and many more around the world by its charisma and impetus.

Yes, I am talking about recently concluded Indian Premier League , aka popular IPL. Rajasthan Royals won the inaugural eition of the 20-20 cricket extravaganza by 3 wickets defeating Chennai Super Kings in the final. But the mere results became unimportant in front of the magnitude of the whole event. People came to watch the match in thousands, all the grounds were jam-packed, even in 35-38C heat of april-may in India. The entertainment that cricket brought provided the necessary cool-breeze. The cheer-leaders danced with every wicket or boundary scored, the loud-speakers played hindi music, and bollywood celebrities were mixed in the fray to prepare a toxic-sweet supersaturated chemical solution. ShahRukh Khan was omni present at calcutta, spreading his life energy and enthusiasm among crowd. Preity Zinta, not knowing cricket that much, still made foolish gestures and tried to appear super cool. Other big business magnets like Vijay Malya, Mukesh Ambani invested and bought franchises like Mumbai Indians and Bangalore Royal Chalengers. Big names galored, money flowed, overseas players jumped into the fray, and the face of cricket in India will never be the same again.

Junior indian players, who have played so far under 19 matches and ranji cricket at most, suddenly found players like adam gilchrist, glen mcgrath, mark boucher, shane warne, muralidharan, grame smith, ricky ponting, shoaib akhtar sharing the same dressing room with them, bowling them at the nets, giving them batting tips during practice sesions. That is the huge benefit that came out of IPL. The cricketing knowledge has flown in each direction. People from different countries and culture came together, spent time together, learned each others culture and life-style, and had accustomed acordingly. Few days ago Symonds and Rohit Sharma was giving eye for eye and tooth-or-tooth in CB series in australia. 3 months later, they are team mates in IPL, chalking out strategy together how to get rid of ponting or dravid, or how to face shane warne.
That is the beauty..cultures mixed together. The dressing room atmosphere got lighter, stories are shared. This will probably make cricket gentleman's gme again.Now lets talk about some take home memories of the IPL. Jayasuriya got the license and despatched bowlers all over the park. he hit 31 sixes in 14 matches and became a dangerous force once again. Sourav ganguly and Rahul dravid both aggregated over 350 runs with healthy average and showed that IPL is not only for young players. Harbhajan slapped sreesanth and was banned for 11 matches , and as mumbai didnt qualify for semis, he couldnt take part in IPL after the 3rd match. Rajasthan Royals became the greatest surprise of the tournament. They spend their money efectively, and at the end of player-buying auction they were the cheapest team. Incidentally, they were the best team, because they bought effective twenty twenty players, who will bowl-bat and field. They had three solid all-round capability players. Shane Watson, Yousuf Pathan, Sohail Tanvir. Tanvir was the highest wicket-taker with only economy rate around 6, watson was run-away winner for man of the series with 444 runs and 16 wickets, and yousuf pathan was brilliant when the team needed him most. Besides these thee, they had warne, who still have lot of fire left in him, and captained a young side very wel. Graeme smith provided the experience up-top. and Asnodkar was the find of the tournament where his unorthodox play always assured that royals got a good start always.
Shaun Marsh is the son of aussie opener Geoff Marsh, and Shaun show in Ipl confirmed that the son is like his father. He scored 639 runs in the whole tournament despite missing first 3 matches, and he played elegant cricket strokes, not baseball slogs, to score those runs. He adapted to the indian conditions very well, used his wrist to great extent to play his shots.
Lot of new bowlers emerged from the IPL. Ashoke Dinda, and Manpreet Gony are the two front runners. Balaji came back to cricket after two years of exile and claimed the 1st hattrick of the IPL. Spin played an important part in the tournament also as amit mishra won a few matches for delhi, and muralidharan, warne provided required breaks and impetus for their teams.

Delhi probably had one of the best sides on paper but their inconsistency finally scripted their downfall. Mcgrath and Maharoof strangled the batsmen most of the time in the tournament but failed to do so in the semifinal. Th race to the semifinal was a tight one, and other than Bangalore and Hydrebad, other teams like mumbai, kolkata, chennai, delhi was in tight midtable finish at the end.

Mumbai and Kolkata were the best examples of "could-have-happened or should-have-happened". They won some matches with such ease, and then lost some matches poorly. Mumbai suffered 3-4 last over finishes, two last ball losses that cost them semifinal place. Kolkata never found their right combination, and a weak batting line-up and injured chris gayle never helped. Deccan chargers of hyderabad would like to forget this tournament as soon as possible. Gilchrist, afridi, gibbs, symonds, rohit sharma, scott styris probably constructed a line up any captain would dream of. But too many cooks spoiled the dinner there, and a weak inexperienced bowling line-up did not help.
The talks and runours for the next season has already started. Teams are looking to buy english players who were not a part of the inaugural version. The removal of salary cap rumour has already been surfaced, and people are having mixed reaction about it. South africa, Australia, WestIndies are also trying to start their own t20 tournament, and a concept of champions league is shaping up. One british invented game is following the footsteps of another.
Though IPL lasted only 44 days, the impact will last year round, and as soon as sohail tanvir hit the wining runs in the last ball of the final, the countdown for 2009 IPL has already began.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Movie Snippet 1

Here I will discuss briefly about some of the movies I have seen in recent past. 1st in the line is Amadeus. The film has been made based on the life of legendary Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart music is appalling and revolution in the late middle age of europe. Austria, Germany and most of the central europe was at the brink of a turmoil and excitement-ridden journey at that time, and Mozart's music has strengthened the understanding of human about human feelings at that time. The operas were a medium of sending strong social message, and mozart used that medium perfectly. But the movie disappointed me as a whole. The vast magnitude, the loudness , the drama was there. Yet the classic was missing. The true Mozart was missing from the movie. The director failed to create an environment of purpose for his music. Indeed the movie got oscar, but it failed to portray the joy of music, the beauty of concertos, the troubled musicians life, in the movie. I would give it a 3 out of 5.

Next in the line is Mrigaya by Mrinal sen. It is the debut film of Mithun Chakrabarty and Mamata Shankar. The story may be a simple age-old one, but it has been executed beautifully by the director and actors. The saontal tribes and their crops are always troubled by the animals from the forest close to a village. But animals dont have shrewd brains to do the judgement. They cannot understand that due to their act, someone else in this world is getting hurt or getting deprived of their belongings. Human can understand that. Sometimes some human being gets too greedy and understanding this fact fully well they attack poor saontals, or poor villagers, to satisfy their greed. The saontal villagers attack the animals from the forest to keep them away from the crops, they hunt those wild animals. But sometime hunting of these human-faced animals are also needed. This story is all about hunting the real animals in the society. Mithun showed in his 1st movie how big an actor he is. It is sometimes really difficult to execute simple roles , low profile roles. Because there one actor eally has
 to improvise him or her, cause every day he/she does not live that life. Portraying the life of a poor villager is always a challenge, and the actors/actresses acting on these roles in "Mrigaya" came out flying colors.
I give 4.5 out of 5 for this movie. Mithun Chakrabarty got best actor award for this film, and this film was accepted in Moscow film festival.

A sad and bad ending to a drab season

The champions league final wrapped up a drab and bad season of football in europe . Yes the italian cup final between inter and roma is still there, but the champions league final is considered to be the pinnacle of european football glory. The slippery and bad pitch, incessant rain, and the drama in penalties summed up a drench nite in moscow. Manchester United won in penalties, but honestly, manchester united won by luck. Chelsea should have won the trophy, and they are the deserved winner of champions league this season.

Generally artistic football win over long ball sky high soccer. Thats why this is the 1st time in 53 years history of champions league that two english teams are playing in the final. Overall it was a bad match, and a horrible pitch did not help either.
Hope from next year onwards Uefa do not make such mess of such a big event.

Several time during the match both the teams were involved in minor brawl. Alex ferguson tried to intemedate the referee when coming out of the tunnel before the 2nd half. Drogba was shown red cad in a scape-goat manner at the end of a lot of pushing started by tevez. The whole united team was unsporting enough not to console their opponents after penalty shoot-out. Only Scholes did that, not joining the celebration by their team mates.
Chelsea was so near the trophy. Terry slipped and the shot hit the bar, and went out. I truely dont think finals should be decided this way. They should start thinking of announcing joint winners, or make the final double leg. 
I hope Chelsea will come back and win this trophy many more time in the future. More importantly, i hope the long ball soccer teams should lose, and artistic soccer should prevail. A busy sumer ahead as lot of teams are in rebuilding process. AC Milan, InterMilan, Barcelona, Arsenal, Chelsea will be really busy during next two months. After the euro2008, clubs will sort out their starting line ups and bench strengths, and as they say, there is always a next season. I hope the next season will be a season to remember.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dada'r kirti

The heading is one of an emotional dramatic well-made bengali movie, which has been used here as a catch phrase to recognise our cricketing dada Sourav Ganguly's contribution in recently concluded India vs SouthAfrica series. India have drawn the series 1-1, coming back strongly in Kanpur to win the 3rd and final test by 8 wickets after losing the 2nd test by innings and 90 runs. The 1st test was a run fest where shewag scored a triple century, and the test match yielded almost 1500 runs with loss of 25 wkts over 5 days. The pitch at ahmedabad was lively and india lost the match by getting bowled out within 20 overs for 76 in the 1st day morning. South Africa scored 494/7 in the same pitch, and though dada and dhoni tried their best to avoid innings defeat, south africa won easily by innings and 90 runs. Dada played good solid strokes through offside, punished Paul Harris , the lone south african spinner, handsomely, used his feet to great extent. And in the 3rd test at Kanpur, when the pitch was unpredictable at its best, dada produced one gem of an innings, an innings to remember for long time. The upper part of the pitch was disintegrated, the dusts were coming out, the bounce was unpredictable. South Africa were bowled out for 265 in the 1st day, from 152-1. India were 110/3 and dravid was out in a jumping delivery when dada walked out. And what followed was termed as the "asset innings for playing on spinning track" by south african coach micky arthur. Dada played with lot of positiveness and agression, did not try to just defend. He cut and drove whenever he got opportunities on the off side, and his pulls and jabs down the on side was also there. When he finally got out in the fag end of 2nd day for 87 trying to force the pace, India was safely placed at 279, taking lead over south african total.
He not only earned the man of the match for the innings, but earned heap of praise for such skillfulll batting on a detoriating pitch. Still, there are so many critics and non-crickety jealous people who cannot stand Sourav Ganguly..!! But he enjoys that, more people will hurl abuses, his steel strong determination will be more stronger..and the bat will do the talking..

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Book Review: The Kite Runner

"For you, a thousand times over".

Thats the phrase that caught my mind after I read the book "Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini. Unfortunately thats probably the only thing that I m going to remember from the book. The book starts with the childhood stories of a rich but lonely , devoid of parental attention,child, and his camaraderie with the son of their servant. Initial part of the bok speaks well about the mid-60 early 70s Kabul, Afghanistan, the traditions, the winters, the small little smells and details that will help you to fall in love with a place you havenot seen. It speaks about the loyalty of the servant's son, Hassan to his malik's son, Amir. But slowly as the story progresses, it more or less turns out to be a series of melodramatic events.

Author tries to provide a picture depicting the rise and fall of Afghanistan, but in the end it turned out to be a story of Amir's own life, how he escaped from Afghanistan and settled in America. One important aspect that was never highlighted enough in the book is the civil war in 90s in Afghanistan, where pashthuns and hazara's fought each other. That was the backdrop of the story, starting from the early days, it was pashthuns vs hazara's.Emotions are good, but you need to put emotions in rihht place. Just sketching dreams, past moments, creating a hollow surrealistic feeling does not create a great literary piece. Thats what I felt happened with this book. There are lot of places in the book where the author tried to create sympathy by showing the ugly face of life. He has drawn lot of blood shedding, and in the process marred the main objective of the story he started with. Hassan's character is a strong character, but thats the only character that stands out in the book, thats the only character that you ponder upon after finishing the book. The book do inflict a blurred image of Afganistan, the good and bad one, in your mind, but I think it fails to blend that image in your mind alongside with the characters. I believe it fails to do justice to the title of the book as well. The initial part of the book was sound, but as soon as the part with soviet attack on Afghanistan starts, the plot is lost somewhere in between reality description and story telling. I would give this book 6/10.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Soccer Snippets 2

League of the Champions or emergence of also rans?

For the 2nd time in consecutive years, at least 3 EPL teams are in UEFA champions league quarter finals. This time even better, all 4 big guns of EPL are at the QF of UCL. Arsenal face Liverpool, which means at least one english team will be in semifinal. Chelsea face Fenerbache, and without any disrespect to the turkish side, it can be said atleast 2 english teams will be in the semifinal. Is indeed EPL is the league of champions?or champions league is the place where also rans can excel? fenerbache is no big name in european football, but the way they fought and came this far this season is amazing. They have some good players in the rank, and they fought with heart in the battles, and passion has guarded their lack of skill, and brought them this far. They ousted Sevilla in the 2nd round, who looked very composed in UCL this season. But chelsea will indeed be a tough test. Schalke is another team no one thought would end up in last 8. They emerged from a pretty tough group with chelsea, valencia and rosenborg, and they beat porto in the 2nd round. They are another team who are used to be considered as also-rans by football pundits. Though barcelona will be a stern test, they can already feel proud about their achievements in Europe this season.
Manchester Utd and Roma already faced of this year in group stage and set to replay last years memorable action and goal packed quarter final. Roma is different team this season, as not a lot of team go to santiago bernebeau and knock off real madrid. Not a lot of team go to san siro and beat AC Milan.
So, indeed the teams which were considered mediocre have emerged this season, we are getting very good mix of big names and fighters. Lets have an enthralling last 3 rounds of champions league football.

Soccer Snippets 1

English race is not over
Its a three team race, and after long time, chelsea edged ahead of arsenal to second spot after last weekend's victory over gunners. Gunners are slipping behind after a fabulous start to the season. They have failed to win in last 5 matches in epl. This was somewhat predicted from a young team which regrouped themselves pretty well after last season's disaster and departure of Henry. But I consider the EPL race far from over. Mainly because , there are still big matches left, Arsenal face Liverpool, ManUtd face Chelsea, Man Utd face Arsenal, Chelsea face Liverpool in the remaining weeks, which are all 6 point games. Though Reds(Liverpool) are out of title contention, they can ruin the party for other three in the process of solidifying their champions league berth.
The mid-table juggling is also continuing as Everton, Man City, and PortsMouth battling it out for Uefa cup while everton has an eye to the champions league. Newcastle finally won under king kev and looks like they are not in relegation survival. Hope they hire some good striker and medios next season. If Viduka gets healthy, and owen can play in full force..they still have the team to compete with top four. Juande Ramos has given Spurs their 1st piece of silverware after long time, but the club is doing poorly in EPL. Next season, he may want to change that.
Season is over for Derby, and Fulham is fighting fo their life in ICU. Fasten your seatbelts folks, the EPL is all set for a fast exciting landing.

Monday, March 24, 2008

"aye aye captain...."

Most of you probably are aware of the dialogue mentioned in the heading. It is from dead poet society, where the students used to call their teacher by this, "aye aye captain...".

Captains in every form of life have roles to play, have responsibilities to fulfill, because the word captain itself is very precious and powerful, and as uncle of spider man said.."with great power, comes great responsibilities."

And the magnitude of the responsibility is even greater if you are captain of Indian cricket team. There are more than 1 billion people in the country, and counting NRIs, there are almost 1 billion cricket pundits. you got to be responsible when you are captain of a team which represents people of that huge number. Unfortunately our captain , ODI captain, current captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni isn't.

Now let me explain why I say that. We all followed what happened down under this summer, and this blog is not reporting news or scores that has already been reported in news papers. This is a place to speak your mind, so I am doing that.

India defeated Australia in the CB series final 2-0, and doing so, has achieved something no Indian team has done before, and in doing so has registered their name in history as this was the last annual triangular series played in Australia, which has been part of their cricketing culture for last 30 years.

India omitted senior players from the team, and barring sachin tendulkar, most of the other players can be tagged as "non-aged players". Everyone doubted the credibility of the young team in front of Lee, Johnson, Clark and predicted a washout.But thats the beauty of being an Indian. When people question you, hurt your emotion, then you bring out your best, and proves everyone wrong. Rohit Sharma, Gautam Gambhir, Ishant Sharma, Praveen Kumar all played big role in defeating Aussies in their own backyard, and in a version of the game where they are world champions for almost a decade. Cool calm captaincy from Dhoni showed us we got a leader for the future who go by instincts, and who backs his players in difficult times.So far so good, we got a brilliant future.

Right, now lets talk about responsibilities and touch a little on the start of the story. Captains need to be responsible.As soon as Dhoni comes back to India with the team, he gave an flamboyant interview to the media, saying it was necessary to send the message across to some players. And there the whole debate started , the issue of responsibility came into play.

How many years Dhoni has played international cricket? 3. How many years Dravid has played? 12. How many years Sourav Ganguly has played? 12+4. I am not here to repeat Gangulys credentials as captain or Dravids contributions to many Indian victories in the past. We all know that. But we never heard of this kind of statement before. Dhoni has won a triangular series, not a world cup. To remind people, take out sachin tendulkar's 117* and 91 from the 2 finals, the score line might as well be reversed.

so why there is so much fuss about juniors? it should be kept in mind that the best eleven is required to win a tournament, not a youngest eleven.Throughout the tour we have observed the failure of opening stand in Indian innings. We have observed over the last year, whenever sachin and sourav gave india a good start, India went on to either win the match or at least put up a big score.So why Uthappa or Shewag is considered a better option than sourav ganguly as opening partner for tendulkar?

just because he is 36? just because he doesnt run as fast as Uthappa? well then we should consider the amount of runs he scores, which is way more than those players.

Even after India defeated Australia, I am not convinced that India has the right batting lineup in ODIs at the moment. More of all, the players need to show respect to seniors and elders who have served the country so passionately for so long. Words generally create enemies, again the words can create friends. Words can help the flow of emotions. Dhoni made the mistake of first not speaking to the seniors abut their exclusion, second made a huge mistake for making such public statement in the open.

I am a strong believer of what goes around, comes around.It will come back to haunt MS Dhoni, he will realise it one day, but it will be too late then.

From cricketing stand point, both Ganguly and Dravid has about 20 matches still left in ODI career and at least 2 years left in test career. Though energy and youth is replacing the experience in shorter version of the game, I am horrified to think abou Indian cricket's test future. Once sachin-sourav-dravid-laxman, the fab four, hang up their boots, I am shivering as I think about the state of Indian cricket will be then. So Dhoni, please remember, respecting elders is part of our culture.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Ugly Ducklings

Thats th name of a book I used to read in my childhood. Really childhood. My mom used to bring me one book everyday (almost) when she returned from work, I used to read the book, and kept it if I liked, and torn it apart if I did not. My love for book grew that way. Ugly duckling was a story o an ugly duck who was not wanted in duck society, hated by other ducks, hated by society, almost died in winter from freezing, only finally being rescued and accepted by a few beautiful swans which makes his heart filled with joy.
Society is always hard, we do not want to recognize anything off the track, we do not want to accept which does not fall into 2+2=4 category. But good hearts always win the race ultimately, however tough the journey be.
Well, the ugly ducklings story probably has nothing to do with what is to follow. When a batsman scores a 0 in a cricket match in Australia, the australian broadcasting channel accompanies the batsman to the pavilion with a animated duck on the TV screen. That ducklings is not ugly.
The term duckling gets associated with Australian cricket team just as only channel nine started this duck-walk with the batsman out for a "duck".
The ugliness of the duckling is eminent here, where it is pointing to. We all know cricket is no more a gentleman's game. No game are gentlemen's game anymore. There is too much at stake, there is not enough time to be gentleman. But still, sometimes you let your good heart win the battle with heated neuron signals in your head. All the fiasco that happened over last week between India and Australian cricket team, needs no more discussions. In an age of media dominance, every movement of every individual is thoroughly scrutinized. It is heartening to see that good sense prevailed at the end of scrutiny, mud-throwing, finger-pointing, bad-intentions, rough columns, life-threats. Yes thats what I mean by ugly duckling. The rough face of the duck, who is good by heart ,has been exposed over the last week.
We all descended from our ancestors through evolution which happened due to errors made by DNA during copying. Our ancestors were not homo sepiens. There is nothing to get agitated about it. Lets play some cricket folks..!!